From index (“sign, indication; informer”), from indicō (“point out, indicate, show”), from in (“in, at, on; into”) + dicō (“indicate; dedicate; set apart”).

Indicina provides you with data on hosting providers and related services, free to access. A skeleton version of the site is available just now

Introductory Articles

Learn a little more about what to look for in a hosting provider

Directory of Hosting Providers

Dive into the directory of hosting providers, a growing repository of hosting provider and hosting package data. The initial focus has been on adding unmanaged VPS packages, which'll be followed up by managed services, dedicated and shared hosting packages as well as tertiary services related to hosting data online.

Some Stats from the Data...

There are 1,883 hosting providers in the system. 125 of these providers have hosting packages listed in the system. Of all providers, there are 15,970 datapoints for the providers and 16,791 datapoints for the packages listed.

Hosting Packages by Type

There are 1343 packages in the system

VPS Hosting 1129 84.07%
Shared Hosting 200 14.89%
Dedicated Hosting 14 1.04%

VPS Virtualisation by Type

There are 1,129 VPS packages in the system with the following virtualisations